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September 27, 2017

Eating the right diet can make all the difference in warding off those winter bugs. The immune’s system prime function is to protect the body against infection so supporting it as best as you can help to reduce susceptibility to colds and flu.

Top Tips to Boost your Immune System

  • Try to include plenty of vitamin C rich foods, such as peppers, tangerines, broccoli and parsley. Green leafy vegetables made into soups and sauces are a good idea for all the family too.

  • Include zinc rich foods such as beef, turkey, egg yolk, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Try dry roasting seeds in a little soya sauce as a healthy snack.

  • Vitamin D is important in the winter months too so include oily fish, fortified yoghurts and eggs. Make to most of any sunshine too!

  • Ensure you are getting enough protein. Good sources include fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and yoghurt.

  • Keep sugary snacks to a minimum as they reduce your immunity.

  • Getting plenty of sleep is important too. Try...

July 28, 2017

  1. Aim to be a healthy weight with BMI between 19 and 25. Being overweight or underweight isn’t helpful for fertility.

  2. Include Healthy fats in your diet – don’t go fat free. You need essential fats for optimum fertility. Include oily fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil.

  3. Manage stress levels as best you can with moderate exercise, medication, relaxation.

  4. Moderate alcohol intake not excessive and none when there is a chance of pregnancy.

  5. Supplement with a fertility multivitamin including folic acid. If you BMI is over 30 check with your GP if you need additional folic acid.

  6. Safe exposure to sunlight to increase levels of vitamin D naturally. Include oily fish and eggs. Get your vitamin D levels tested to see if you need to supplement.

  7. Balance your blood sugar levels to avoid cravings and maintaining healthy weight. Also avoids unnecessary stress on the body if peaks and troughs in blood sugar.

  8. Don’t skip meals, include quality proteins with meals...

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