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“Our health is the most precious thing we have and my aim is to help you take care of it”

Meet Celia


Most people know that the key to achieving good health and wellbeing is a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, but it can be confusing to know what this really means.


I can offer guidance and practical support to help you make the changes you need to, to feel better…

Digestive Health


Most digestive problems are to do with what we are eating, lifestyle or stress. Taking the right steps to change your diet can help, and often prevent, many of these problems.

Digestive Health
Weight Loss
Weight Loss


Having a practical and tailored plan to follow with ongoing support can make it easier to lose weight. Correcting any underlying issues such as thyroid or digestive problems is also important.

Fertility &  Pregnancy


PCOS, a raised or low BMI, endometriosis can all be factors that may be contributing to fertility problems. Or simply trying to optimize your health before a pregnancy is a great approach.

Fertility and Pregnancy
Allergy Testing

Whether it is food intolerance testing, hormones or comprehensive stool tests. I can arrange these for you and work with you to interpret the results and make necessary changes.


Food Intolerance Testing

£199 for 134 foods tested with Brunel Health finger prick blood tests.

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