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Corporate Programmes

Corporate Programmes 

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy workforce, leading to improved productivity and less absence. If you’re ready to build a stronger business, we will provide all the guidance and resources you need to integrate a successful health & wellbeing programme into your company.

Precious Health Nutritionist

"We can offer a range of tailor made

corporate wellness programmes to

suit your company"

Wellbeing Workshop


By pro-actively protecting the health of your employees, there are clear long term benefits both to the individual and the company.


Our one hour workshops give practical guidance in an interactive and positive way.

Eat Well Feel Great Nutrition
Eat Well, Feel Great


Making the right food choices can help improve your energy levels, productivity and concentration.


This workshop will overcome the obstacles to eating well and offer practical advice and simple steps on how to achieve specific goals involving dietary change.


It will give you meal plans and ideas to achieving that balanced diet.



Getting a great night’s sleep is key to having good energy levels, optimum health and a positive mood. This workshop will address common causes for poor sleep and how to address them. It will look at environmental factors and diet to promote quality sleep.  .

Sleep Problems - Get Better Sleep
Boost Your Immune Syetem
Boosting Your
Immune System


Keeping well all year round by adopting the right diet and looking at external factors too. This workshop will give practical solutions to strengthen your immune system through nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Managing The Pace


Identifying potential stress triggers and understanding how to confidently manage situations when these are present is the key focus of this workshop. We look at how to stop the worry cycle and avoid procrastination, as well as discussing the relationship between pressure and performance. By discovering how to make simple lifestyle changes and create coping mechanisms you can become proactive rather than reactive in managing the pace of a busy lifestyle.

Reduce Stress
Employee Health Checks
Health Checks


Each consultation takes between 15 and 20 minutes and includes the following tests which can highlight risk factors for cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. 

* Cholesterol
* Blood Sugar

* Blood pressure
* Body Mass Index measurement
* Body fat analysis

In addition dietary and lifestyle advice are offered together with in-depth fact sheets on topics such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking, balancing blood sugar as well as a selection of practical recipe ideas.



The Cavendish Hotel, London:
“Great to receive an immediate response to tests and advice for improvements”
“Hassle free and saved time”


Pets at Home:
“I now know what I need to do”
“Nutrition advice was great”
“I was very impressed with the overall consultation”

Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital:
“Lots of great advice, tips and useful links”
“Very informative, learned a lot”
“Really interesting, useful presentation, lots of new learning”

Royal Over-Seas League:

"The feedback has been fantastic"

Precious Health Reviews
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