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Top 10 Tips for Fertility

  1. Aim to be a healthy weight with BMI between 19 and 25. Being overweight or underweight isn’t helpful for fertility.

  2. Include Healthy fats in your diet – don’t go fat free. You need essential fats for optimum fertility. Include oily fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil.

  3. Manage stress levels as best you can with moderate exercise, medication, relaxation.

  4. Moderate alcohol intake not excessive and none when there is a chance of pregnancy.

  5. Supplement with a fertility multivitamin including folic acid. If you BMI is over 30 check with your GP if you need additional folic acid.

  6. Safe exposure to sunlight to increase levels of vitamin D naturally. Include oily fish and eggs. Get your vitamin D levels tested to see if you need to supplement.

  7. Balance your blood sugar levels to avoid cravings and maintaining healthy weight. Also avoids unnecessary stress on the body if peaks and troughs in blood sugar.

  8. Don’t skip meals, include quality proteins with meals and snacks.

  9. Drink plenty of water and herbals, avoid too much fruit juices or artificially sweetened cordials.

  10. Moderate intake of caffeine or can create additional stresses to the body and affects blood sugar balance.

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