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Does your liver need a little TLC…?

The New Year is a good time to give your liver a rest after the festive season. It is the biggest organ in your body and works very hard to try and keep us healthy. Its main functions include:

  • Breaking down and eliminating toxins including alcohol.

  • Balancing blood sugar by storing and releasing glycogen. If the liver fails to do this, fatigue, sugar cravings and weight gain may result.

  • Producing bile, which helps digestion by breaking down fat and removing excess cholesterol. Without it digestive disorders can result, including bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and the malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

  • Breaking down and eliminating excess hormones.

  • Storing nutrient such as iron, copper, vitamins A, B12, D, E and K.

Tips to rejuvenate your liver:

  • Drink alcohol in moderation and avoid ‘saving up’ allowances to drink in one day.

  • Replace caffeine with plenty of water or herbal teas.

  • Exercise will help to oxygenate your blood and your liver.

  • Avoid high fat foods, especially processed ones containing hydrogenated fats.

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, in particular green leafy vegetables and foods rich in sulphur such as onions, garlic, broccoli, kale, cauliflower and cabbage.

  • Include spices in your cooking such as cinnamon, turmeric and liquorice.

  • Herbs such as milk thistle and artichoke can support the liver but don’t self prescribe without speaking to a qualified practitioner.

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