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New Year – New Fitness App?  Let us review them for you…

There are hundreds of health and fitness apps on the market. So, which one should you choose? We can’t answer that question for you as we do not now what your goals are, or what you want to know. But we can tell you about the apps which we use and why we like them.

My Fitness Pal

This app is built by Under Armour, you can set your current weight, your target weight, your weekly goal and your activity level. The app will then calculate how many calories you should eat and you can add your food intake to your diary. The app counts down your calories so you know when to stop to meet your goals.

It can incorporate your activity levels from devices such as Fitbits, tracks your progress and offers a variety of information from useful blogs.

It is great if you want to count your calories, or just know the amount of calories that are in food before you eat it. It’s a great way to make better decisions about what to eat but I have known a few people become obsessive about it.


Strava is for recording running and cycling activity.

It has 3 main features – To Track and Analyse, this allows you to record your activity and route including distance, pace and time. You can then analyse your performance afterwards and compare your results with previous.

Share and connect – this feature allows you to share your activities with the people you are connected with on Strava – offering encouragement to each other. In addition you can share your performance with other social media platforms such as Facebook.

Explore and Compete allows you to sign up for challenges or you can set your own weekly goal; Strava will track your progress. Finally, you can access information regarding local clubs and events such as Park Run.

I have only used Strava for running, and I am not a competitive runner with 10K my max distance, but have found it my preferred App – do you agree?

Written by Penni Charteress

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